Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hye everyone , my name is Mohd Norsyafiq Bin Mohd Mokhtar . Im study at ikip international college . My hobbies is fishing . Accually , in malaysia a ghost is most popular are pontianak , toyol and pocong . now i want to share with all of you about my scaring dream .

One day , my friends and i go to fishing . Azlan is my best friend . We go to pahang river arround 6.00 pm , we're arrived to pahang river at 7.30 pm . The situation is too dark and lonely , Azlan and i were starting scare and panic . But we are brave after we saw someone right here , the old man . Now we are brave .. hahaha . We are starting fishing . After half and hour we're starting fishing .. im was starting strange . " Azlan looked , the old man was missing " . Azlan and i find the old man . i think the old man was fall in the river ... but after we are back to continue my hobbies , we look the old man was not missing . He said , he goes to toilet . " ohh , you are not missing old man .. we are so worry abaout you , don't worry my son im just go to the toilet " .

Azlan and i so happy because , we are not lonely at the pahang river .. we have a new freind , the old man . We are so happy , the old man has story for we about his life . He has many experience about fishing , jungle tracking and arround the worl . He has ex-soldier .. the old man story is very interest . I like her story , so challanging . We are to back home at 12.30 am . We back with the new experience after we hear the old man story . I think he so funny .. because when he started the story , he will be doing joked . for instance , style laughing , eye-contact , body language ... that's so funny . I like her . We are arrived at home arround 2.00 am .

In the morning , i wake up so early .. at 6.00 pm . i wash my body . after that , i looked to my fishing bag , i was missing something ... " owh no , my net was losing " . at 7.30 am azlan and i go back to the pahang river to take my net . after we are arrived at pahang river .. we go to fishing place at last night . we are get it my net .. im so happy .

Before we will back to home , we go to the restaurant to take my breakfast . at the restaurance we have see someone .. the restaurance owner . He is so kindly . He has told to we about the mysteriesof pahang river . he said .." five years ago , the old man was died right there .. someone has kill her .. im so sympathy " .. azlan and i was so scaring because last night , we are see the old man . but we dont know the story about her . so , azlan has told to the restaurant owner , " we have see her last night " azlan said . pakcik mail ( restaurant owner ) was so shocked .. he said ............ he ghosttttttttttttttttttttt .....